Alarinka travel kit{ Maxi Package}


What’s in the box

1x Jogger

1x Hoodie

1x T-shirt

1x pen



1x Mug

1x Face cap

1x Tote bag

Reusable travel-sized plastic +Skincare product:

  • Skincare: Uudinara
  • 1x  50mlAfrican black soap
  • 1x  50ml glow oil
  • 1x 50ml Rosewater
  • 1x 50ml glow butter
  • 1x 50ml scrub

Note: YOU can customize this package with your preferred T-shirt / hoodie/joggers design and colour

come in a reuseable travel backpack.

Alarinka is a Fast Growing Travel Essential store that produces the best travel essentials to meet the everyday travelers need with the sole aim to provide comfort, and Aso produces reusable products to protect our planet.

Because you deserve to explore the world in style the Alarinks products are Rad, chic and fashionable.

These products are Made with superior quality, locally sourced, and produced with love.


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